For a whole year, I cycled to all my business appointments; up to 250km a day, battling all elements. I discovered the beauty of the Netherlands, how your body and mind are affected during a 10 hour ride through rain, hail and snow, as well as what it’s like to cycle 200km into a head wind.

Looking back, each ride was a pilgrimage. Following that year, I started purely because of my desire to find out where the most beautiful off-road tracks can be found. Now, three years on, I long back to the pilgrims factor of that special year cycling through the Netherlands. I look for similar experiences in all my current gravel rides. Rides that I would like to share with likeminded people who also have a passion for gravel and who are interested in spirituality.

Feel very welcome if those words speak to you.

Christiaan Warger

During a pilgrim ride I look for peace and quiet, a deeper contact with nature and for answers to important questions. Above all, I ride to experience something bigger than myself; like looking up to the stars and losing yourself in the realisation that the universe is without limits.

Inspiration in your mailbox and riding together

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